we are Kin.

We are an interaction design practice. Our work is about using technology and research to make connections between people, information, spaces, and things.

We are a team of designers, developers, makers, producers, and strategists based in London. We work on projects big and small for clients ranging from commercial businesses to cultural organisations. We have close links with education, and work regularly with academic institutions.

We believe that for design to be relevant and meaningful, it must be engaged with the world. Our research-led approach draws together ideas and knowledge from a range of disciplines, and puts our clients at the heart of the creative process.

While we’re excited to work on any project we find interesting, we specialise in designing interactive exhibition spaces, installations, displays and objects.

Our Approach


Research is at the heart of our design approach. By asking questions, we can address the problems our clients want to solve thoughtfully and imaginatively. Our in-house studio workshop allows us to test and develop our ideas through prototyping.


Design respects no borders between disciplines. Our work embraces emerging ideas and practice from fields including technology, science, industrial design and the arts. We’ve worked with sound artists, neuroscientists, chefs and cognitive psychologists, among others.


Our clients play a vital part in our design process. Instead of being kept at arm’s length by account managers, our clients are creative partners with direct access to the team delivering the work, informing and guiding projects as they develop.