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March 2011
Organ of Corti
We were approached by the architects and artists Liminal to create a visual identity, animation, concept film and Brail brochure for their PRS Foundation New Music Award winning sonic installation "The Organ Of Corti".

The Organ of Corti is a part of the inner ear. The installation is a physical representation of this and the effect that it has on sound. It is composed of a grid of vertical rods called a sonic crystal. When sound passes through these rods, it is altered and recomposed, making you more aware of the sound around you. The installation will be placed at locations around Britain such as St. Pauls Cathedral in London.

We felt that the identity should visually represent this alteration of sound by physical intervention. The Moiré effect directly achieves this visual representation by physically influencing light instead of sound. The Moiré effect occurs when two meshes are moved over each other or a viewer moves past two overlaid meshes, generating moving patterns on the surface of the meshes. Our experience of the light is changed by physical interference in the same way that our experience of sound is changed by the sonic crystal. We used é as a key aesthetic within the logo.

The logo consists of an abstract representation of both the plan view and vertical view of the installation viewed at different proximities and angles. We looked at visualisations of the inner ear and sonic crystals to develop a graphic language. The installation is entirely non-digital and so we felt that it was important to incorporate an analog aesthetic into the visual language. We used the letter gothic typeface which was originally created for use in typewriters, analog underlines and a locked up static rectangular grid. We looked at old exam papers and scientific and mathematical diagrams to influence the colours and textures of the logo. The animation further emphasises it's analog nature by creating sudden transitions between views of the installation and an oscillating and repetitive use of the Moiré patterns.

Organ of Corti
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